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Why Puerto Rico?

Endless Opportunity


Favorable Federal Role

•Is the only place in the US that has resident foreign/domestic & terrestrial/non-terrestrial networks functioning side-by-side on a publicly owned research platform. 
•Support US national security objectives to empower domestic high-technology next-gen manufacturing.
•Innovation will lead to solutions for local legacy issues in energy, agriculture and natural disaster detection/ recovery
•Puerto Rico will become an innovation leader in all LATAM with a trusted role in mentoring safe, secure adoption of new technology.

Private Sector Support

•Allows companies a safe environment to de-risk 5G, IoT, and Blockchain technology investment and implementation.
•Operational efficiencies realized in Advanced Manufacturing will allow local economy to repair from within.
•Core partners will get an inside look at companies developing impactful use cases for communication based technology.
•Data metrics on best practices established within the lab will benefit companies looking to improve operations.

World-Class Partnerships

•Stimulates IP Creation at both the University and individual innovators levels. 

•Retains pipeline of top talent from various Puerto Rico universities in national research projects. 

•Establishes dedicated research collaborations in the heart of the existing Puerto Rico multinational industry hubs which will lead to discovery of valuable use cases for Puerto Rico and the world.

•Create frameworks and standards for evaluating the impact of nascent 5G technology.